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Chocolate with no calories?

Too good to be true? Of course. Le Whif is a "new way to eat chocolate." It had to come from the French.... this mix of 'culinary art and aerosol science' is chocolate that you inhale (actually you breathe it in). Microns of chocolate particles amounting to less than 1 calorie hit your tastebuds and you are satisfied. What do you think - perfect accompaniment to a cup a coffee?

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Dylan @ OK Great

Technology chocolate? No thank you. I'll stick with the real deal.

georgia b.

neat idea. i just find it hard to believe it would satisfy me as much as a chocolate truffle that i can sink my teeth into. ???


Hmmmm - I would like to try it out! (But somehow I do not think it is going to work for me - I find that the tactile sensations of eating chocolate, having the smooth creaminess melt in my mouth, crunching the bits of nut, licking the last crumbs from the wrapper, all of that are very important to me!)

please sir

I think that would make me crave chocolate even more!

Jessie Cacciola

woah. that's intense.


sounds more like walking through a chocolate factory, smelling the fatastic aroma - but not getting to really sample the goods.......


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