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Déjà vu.

A while ago I told DH that I could clear out my entire closet and start again with a restricted colour palette of black, grey and denim. Never happened. Perhaps because I quickly remembered how boring it was to wear a school uniform.  

The Uniform Project, on the other hand, is anything but boring. 

A pledge to wear the same dress, every day, for a year. The particular dress is designed to be worn front or backwards or as an open tunic. And although already into month two the genius accessorising keeps it looking interesting. 
Why? It's an exercise in sustainable fashion and a fund-raising initiative for the education of slum kids in India.

I'll be following it here. You should too. And I'll attempt not to bemoan my own wardrobe in the future!

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Freshly Found

What a fascinating project. I will definitely be following it too!

georgia b.

absolutely crazy cool idea! you bet i'll follow it! thanks!

might blog about it, too. it's just too fabulous not to.


I love this project - thanks for showing it to us and yes, it is inspiring! I love accessorizing - and it proves my point that you can do lots and lots with a good basic black outfit, just by changing the accessories!


What an interesting idea! I'm really curious to see how it progresses.


this is fantastic. thanks for sharing!


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