Roxanne Floquet

Um, beautiful. Just beautiful. These bespoke cakes, cupcakes, biscuits and petit fours are by Roxanne Floquet.


Meet Anna. A talented ex-colleague of mine. Above are her lovely creations. You can see more at her newly launched blog - Wolmer. I'm proud to say that when she started knitting a few years ago I was the first to give her a commission - a quirky scarf embroidered with felt lettering. Nice stuff Anna!

First day.

Image - Johnny Yanok.

HELLO... my name is Katherine.
It's not that great being 'the new girl' but I'm sure that tomorrow will be better.


Still on holiday. It's lovely. 

A new decade.

It's hard to know where to start. It has been a while since I put anything of real 'substance' on this blog. And by substance I mean a post with more than ten words to it.

I've been kinda preoccupied - hence the sporadic, sparse posting. The last few months have been busy, busy, busy. I've mainly been busy making changes. After almost 5 years I've resigned from my job. (Five years is an absolute age in advertising years - creatives seem to hop, skip and jump agencies with knicker changing frequency in this industry.)

I've decided it's time for something new.

The new year - and new decade - will bring a fresh start for me. I'll still be doing advertising and design, but in vastly different environment. The new year will also bring fresh challenges in other avenues and exciting things to share as time progresses. That's the plan, anyway. 

What ever the next 365 holds for you, I hope it's great.

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