What typeface are you?

Of course I couldn't resist this. What typeface are you?

Outdoor movies.

Tonight we are going to see Le Grande Bleu at the 'Pink Flamingo'. This outdoor bio-scope is at the Grand Daddy Hotel's Airstream Penthouse trailer park. DH and I stayed in one of the trailers last year. I'm sure that the cinema experience won't disappoint - especially as this time the venue has been booked out for just our office and friends. Nice.

Le Grand Blue - that's starring 'Jac Mayol' for those of you who remember the 1988 film.


The designers tongue had me laughing out loud. From the 'approval of Steve Jobs' to the 'comic sans rejection buds'. Great fun from Core 77. Click to enlarge.



The above pieces are the result of a project exploring Chinese and European ceramics. On the left hand side you can see the literal East meets West - and on the right hand side the new ceramic design that resulted.

I can't decide whether I'd prefer to use the 'inspiration' crockery or the end design... I guess the latter would be more leak-proof!

Skermunkil & Two Two

I have my eye on these ceramic dolls by Skermunkil. One of the lovely things I spotted at Design Indaba Expo that made it onto my wish list. I have a jewellery piece from Skermunkil that DH bought me and it's nice to see what else they are up to.

I did however, fork out the cash for the piece above - in black. Dramatic, yes? It's a collar type thingy that can be worn a variety of ways. Designed by Twotwo - a talented pair of sisters.

Images from Eendag op 'n reendag and Twotwo.

Take a seat.

This was one of my favourite pieces shown by a speaker at the recent Design Indaba.  
As usual the conference was a complete overload of inspiration. 

The Vinyl lab.

Quirky, fun stickers by 'The Vinyl Lab'. 

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