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Semi-detatched series.

I love this series of 'suburban boundaries' by photographer David Malan. Beautifully observed and captured. Visit his site to see more of this series and some other great personal work.

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Freshly Found

These are so fascinating!


I can't say I am crazy about his semi-detached series, but I really love his hairdresser series (my grandfather used to be the oldest practising barber in South Africa at a stage). The Liesbeek River series is also fascinating, probably because I lived very near it for about 20 years, but never saw it from his perspective ....


@ Anairam - I guess what I love about the semi-detatched series is the way that each owner of the 'semi' asserts their own decor style and personality on their half - and it's a charming hodge podge that results!


Que buenas fotos


Wow. these are awesome! beautiful blog by the way! are you from CT? x

plastic cards

Interesting. Are the houses really of different colors?


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