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Judging a book by it's title.

Any recommendations for books to read this summer holiday? I already plan to track down the above - simply for it's delightful title and I hear The Time Traveller's Wife is a good read. Suggestions? 

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There are so many I want to read I can't even think straight. I know I want to re-read (yes, re-read) the Sue Grafton alphabet mystery books (A Is for Alibi, etc.). And there are always books on WWII and the Great Depression out there that I really want to devour (I love both subjects). I also still have my Jack London "Stories of Hawaii" to finish from my honeymoon this summer. So little time, so many books!

Freshly Found

Peanut butter and Jam. My kids grew up on the stuff and I still find it a treat! So judging the book by this title, it must be delish!


Love the title!

Georgia (AKA g-bug)

you'll have to give us a review if you read it. i think it sounds intriguing.

i need to do more of my "Jorjah-Judge a Book by Its Cover" posts. I just saw another blog that is starting to do that, too.

To me, it's all about the title or the cover design that gets me interested in reading something. Now if I could just discipline myself to read more books—or just finish ONE!


The Time Traveller's Wife is an amazing read!
It's not all easy, but that adds to the appeal for me.
At heart a stunningly beautiful love story, it's also so, so much more.
Love your blog, have a great holiday!


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