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"I saw this place with exceptional pleasure, since everything there was laid out wonderfully finely", Reverend Francois Vanlentijn, Nov 1700

I visited Vergelegen on Friday. The gardens are beautiful. It boasts maze-like hedges, the oldest oak tree in South Africa, 300 year old (National monument) Camphor trees and the neatest vegetable and herb garden I've ever seen. Not to mention lawns that go on forever and the heady scent of flowers in the octagonal garden. And ponds. And masses of roses. And a suspension bridge. We ended with a gorgeous picnic under the trees. 

I left my camera behind so can't share any snaps but here's a birds eye view from Google Earth. 

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Wow, it looks pretty impressive. I bet it was stunning, huh? :)

Georgia (AKA g-bug)

those trees in front of the house are unbelievable!

what a great place to visit! i would never want to leave!

please sir

Wow looks like an amazing place!


this place is magic


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