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Get the Best Job in the World. It seems all that's required is to blog about your experiences while you explore the Great Barrier Reef and live in luxury resorts experiencing all that this gorgeous area has to offer. Tough. 

I lived in Cairns for a year and can vouch for the beauty of the area. This really does sound the best job in the world - and of course it's appeal is greatly accentuated by the fact that it's January and hard to knuckle down to work again... 

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Freshly Found

Wow! What a job!miesse

Freshly Found

Woops, that's not some cryptic message at the end of my comment! Somehow the word verification landed up there!


Amen to this post. I spent some brief time in Cairns waaaaay back when oh for a revisit! Here's to a happier new year starting today.

Georgia B.

hahaha. i saw this last night on my Yahoo page and was going to post about it today on my photo blog.

i love it. i want this job more than you can know!

glad to have you back! it's been a while!

please sir

Umm yeah crazy...sign me up! Although I'm not a strong swimmer...damn.


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