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Happy (Chinese) New Year.

Peach blossoms are a seen as a symbol of luck. Image - Derrick Sobodash.

The 31st of December 2008 found me sitting at the bedside of my DH in the ICU. Not much of a celebration. Bloody frightening in fact. He is fine now so perhaps a party on March the 15th (Roman calendar) is in order. I haven't observed most of the normal beginning of the year rituals. Not one page of my new Moleskin diary has been touched by a pen. As for resolutions - "Pah!" those are for people who actually had a holiday.

So perhaps I should observe a different New Year celebration this year. If I was to take today as a new start I should be wearing red, have spring cleaned my home top to bottom and would serve a fish dish and dumplings for supper. (Not that organised I'm afraid.)

Anyone else still stuck in 2008?  To the rest of you - Congratulations and be prosperous.

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Freshly Found

What a horrible way to start the year. Glad that DH is better now and hope that he stays that way! Happy (Healthy) New Year!


Great idea, to start the year when your year decides to start properly. I hope it's a wonderful one!


Thanks for the wishes!


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