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Regrettable food

I love looking at old advertising. The messages are so simple, none of this lets-couch-the-hard-sell-in-cool-concept. And the photography, styling and illustrations were fantastic. Or fantastically bad. Especially when it came to food. The unappetising creations above are courtesy of Weight Watchers recipe cards circa 1974.

I then discoverd that there is a flickr group THAT RECREATES THESE RECIPES and photographs their, why?

For more regrettable food you must visit this gallery. The wonders of what to do with Jello (make salad), cooking with 7-UP and Dr Pepper and the glory that is MEAT.

I've found a couple of images I think should be block mounted and put up in our kitchen. If only to inspire better results!

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Jessie Cacciola

there's a little antique shop near me that sells old Life magazines, and I love looking through them to find old ads and articles. It really gives an picture of how life was back then (what drew our attention and what we valued most).
- Jessie -


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