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"To the Potato Factory" by Michael Sowa

A while ago my sister gave DH and I a repro of a painting "Kartoffellagerhaus" by Michael Sowa. I love the quirky nature of this image but only recently really did any research about the artist. He is known for his 'whimsical paintings often featuring animals'. I recognise his paintings below as those featured in the film Amelie. See more of his work here.Doesn't the "Fowl with Pearls" look fantastically regal?

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I am trying EVERYWHERE to find a poster/print of Michael Sowa's Potato Factory. Do you have any idea where your sister bought your print? I can only find the postcard size and have been looking for about 3 years! If you could help, I would really appreciate it. You can reach me at Much thanks!!


I am pretty sure I bought mine at Love's Gallery in Victoria B.C. Great gallery. Good luck.


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