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Bad to the bone.

You'll have to forgive the fact that the follow up post to my catacombs experience is about skulls. It's just one trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. And it's not just adorning bad-ass biker t-shirts. Skulls appear on everything - even babies booties and scatter cushions. It's certainly not a new emblem to embellish fashion and home decor items, but it seems to be everywhere I look in Paris.

I actually quite like the application of this icon when it's used in an unexpected way - as a minute pattern on a cashmere jersey, for example. Something that appears at first glance like a ditsy floral print is revealed as being more interesting or subversive. But most times I think it's just become a meaningless symbol. I certainly don't believe most people who sport clothing with skull decoration think about death at all. I guess we have the Damien Hirst's of this world to thank for the prolific entry of this icon into recent pop culture - but I think the really interesting representations are those that stem from solid cultural roots - like the Mexican 'day of the dead' iconography. 

What do you think of this trend? Macabre, meaningless or marvelous?

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Being Brazen

Hey Kat
I kind of like the fashionable skull trend. Its making a dark symbol fun and trendy - which I find interesting.

Paris looks amazing. Wish we could have come to hang out with you guys there ;)

Look forward to seeing more photos of your trip.

PS - Everything is good with me.
Its very cool to be in the top ten in the blog awards fro best personal blog (they finally changed my URL to

Hugs to you and your man.

Cecile Blake

Hey There!
Ruan reminded me last night that you and B are in paris at the mo so i took a look at your blog and am so glad there is a lot about Paris! We are leaving on Thursday, but will only be spending 5 days in total in Paris so will really have to choose carefully where we want to go, especially with baby in tow! We have already decided to skip the Louvre in favour of the Pompidou and Salon d Orsay(sacrilege i know but i have been to Londons art galleries and and Egypt etc)
Any tips on something we really shouldnt miss? Sounds like you are having a rad time. love to Beertjie!

Kelly Fletcher

Our anniversary is on the Mexican Day of the Dead...


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