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Haute couture of food.

I've always liked the bold pink and black branding of Fauchon. It's a colour combination that usually reminds me of lingerie or boudoir styling, but some how it works really well for this food emporium.

The luxury gourmet store has been open since 1886 and serves up a variety of perfectly arranged delicacies. We had a coffee at their rose-tinted café. It's on Place Madeleine in the 8th. The interior of the café is designed by Christian Biecher. It's worth checking out his site - the interior images are far more beautiful than anything I could snap. My photography style in these places is subtle (in a 'lets try not get chucked out' kind of style).

Any colleagues reading this? You may count yourself lucky, you have chocolates from Fauchon to look forward to.

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Sigh. Your Paris posts are making me so nostalgic for that lovely city.


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