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Macarons might be overrated.

Shock! Horror! I can hear the reaction in the blog world to the title of this post. But really, I haven't been as impressed by macarons as I was expecting. Admittedly, we've only tried the above macarons from Laduree, but they're supposed to be one of the best. 

Or perhaps my underwhelming taste experience was because I (like a true Art Director) selected my macarons by colour rather than flavour. I hear that some other houses - Pierre Herme, for example, are really experimental with their flavours. They offer Huile d'Olive et Vanille (olive oil and vanilla) or Chocolate and Foie Gras. Or a Wasabi and strawberry combination. Hmm, not so sure. 

The redeeming factor of my Laduree experience was certainly the packaging. It didn't actually matter what the morsels tasted like - they looked so fantastic. The French are really great at packaging things beautifully. Some of the best advice I've been given was that each time you buy something in Paris and the sales assistant asks if it's a gift - say yes! The item then gets specially wrapped. But then, I am easily seduced by a bit of ribbon and paper.

Maybe I just need to keep trying macarons until I find my nirvana? There are enough patisseries here for that to be a full-time occupation. But then I'd need a few more months and and insulin on stand-by. 

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Betty Bake

the packaging is gorgeous :)
hope you get to try other macarons to see if you are right
try chocolate ones :)

have a great week



I have never tasted a macaron, but have always thought they look quite beautiful. But often a beautiful product, beautifully packaged, turns out to be not quite as useful, functional, tasty, whatever. Seems true about quite a few things in life!


on my last day in paris i stumbled upon a laduree in st germain, so decided to peek inside and maybe buy some macarons (since everyone's always raving about them, this year especially.) i slowly got to the front of the queue, then i see the prices - 14 euro for 6 macarons! ...slipped out of the shop as quietly as i could. kind of regret not trying them now, but they are just sweets after all. decided to buy a cardigan at h&m with the cash instead.


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