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Tea at Mariage Frères.

You may be excused for thinking that all I do in Paris is have afternoon tea. Not true, although there are many, many amazing places to sip the infusion. Mariage Frères was recommended by my SIL (although she cautioned against ordering the green tea tart which she described as tasting like silkworms). I just hope she meant it tasted how she imagined silkworms would taste otherwise there's a story I need to know more about. 

Silkworms aside, I really didn't need much encouragement to add this tea house to my list of places to go. The brand is centuries old and at it's salon in the Marais the brew is celebrated beautifully from it's packaging to the tiny museum on the second floor. It's a challenge to decide on a flavour from the menu of countless different options.

Tea from Mariage Frères is sold in Cape Town for a small fortune and DH once brought me some home from a trip to the South of France - but this is one tea that tastes even better when sipped in Paris. 

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I love Mariage Frères! Which one did you go to? I live just opposite the one in the 6th. Even just walking past it, the scent of tea wafts out into the street...

Love your blog, byt the way...


Hello @M, thanks for your comment. We went to the closest one to us - in the Marais - I would visit them all if we had the time! Lucky you to be living just opposite one.


Oh, how utterly pleasing. I love the Marais.


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