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Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi is unlike the Africa that I live in. It's more authentic, more textural, more gritty. Smells and dust and noise are a sensory overload. It was a great experience. I'll be uploading some more images to my flickr later this week if you are interested.

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These look unbelievable! like you say gritty. I'm so pleased you enjoyed your pressie - like you I'm very self conscious as far as my handmade stuff goes -ironic isn't it.


Vey interesting to see, I would definitely love to see more!


Helouise - you've certainly no need to be self conscious - I feel hugely privileged to be a recipient of your work!


Bronwyn - more pics on flickr!

Kelly Fletcher

Looks most hussly (as in bussly). You know...

Being Brazen

Great pics


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