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Natasha Lawes

I was introduced to Luna and Curious via the lovely Freshly Found. That in turn led me to Designers Block and the work of Natasha Lawes.  (Don't you just love following link upon link, thanks Denise for this great find!)
So above are some of my favourite images from the portfolio of yet another amazingly talented creative person. Must admit some of her stuff a bit too gory for me but I can certainaly appreciate the time and effort that this type of hair, wardrobe styling and make up must take!

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I also love following links. :) It is like a treasure hunt as you find new, interesting and often inspiring things. Love the collection of pictures you put into this post too. Thought provoking works of art.

Kelly Fletcher

These are amazing, K! Inspiring find...


ugh.. i love the photo of the smoke coming out of the girl's mouth. I haven't smoked since 1986 BUT this reminded me of how delicious I thought it was.. totally GROOVY blog!


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