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Welcome, Monsieur Dior

I can't seem to pass through 'duty free' without buying perfume. Fortunately I don't often travel across borders as I'd most likely be completely skint... 

The latest addition to my perfume wardrobe is a collection of Dior miniatures. I've decided miniatures are the perfect way to go as I like to experiment without the commitment of a large (expensive) bottle of scent. Unfortunately I've had buyers regret before.

I've written here about my passion for perfume. It hasn't abated, I'm just spending time researching what I can before I take the plunge and invest in an organ of scents. Basenotes is a perfume community to which I belong - a great place to glean information on scent. I was interested to discover that the gold bottle neck of J'adore is modelled on a Masai collar. 

I'm enjoying exploring the heady notes of bergamot, ylang ylang, jasmine, turkish rose ...
What's your favourite scent?

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Being Brazen

Mini perfumes are so adorable. My favourite scents at the moment are "Princess" by Vera Wang - sweet smell and absolutely gorgeous bottle (complete with tiny little crown)and "Chance" by Chanel (i try to never run out of this)


Purple Fantasy by Guerlain. Only available in Paris, which makes it all the more atrractive. I have rarely been as happy as the day I bought my first bottle.


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