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1 September

Officially the beginning of Spring. There was a snowfall on the mountains of Greyton this weekend and huge storms in Cape Town so I think there is still a lot of thawing to do before we pack away those winter coats! 

But in the spirit of all things bright and beautiful I wanted to share with you the vibrancy of Heather Bailey. If you haven't come across this creative talent before she is a fabric and accessory designer. See more on her flickr. I needed to visually feast on some colour and her blog was perfect to counteract the grey day. 

All images copyright Heather Bailey.

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nunu pepe'

Helloooo! I have been a bit busy studying my but off so sorry for no visits. I am still loving OZ but starting to miss certain aspects of South Africa. I am top of my class in my Graphic Design Diploma so three cheers there ;)
This place is unreal: Art Directors , thats you, get paid $100 000 a year starting salary!!! My motivation has just tripled.
Hope you are well!!

Freshly Found

What a breathtaking Spring pic! Will have to pop over to her blog, etc!


Love these - WOW!

Bronwyn the bright colours, her stuff is great and so is her photography. PS Thanks for doubly awarding me, the thought is very much appreciated.

Kelly Fletcher

Thanks for the heads up on this blog - enjoying it. And for the blog award, still getting round to passing it on though... slacker!

quaint handmade

heather creates fireworks in fabric and paper with her vibrant use of color. so happy!


Wow, these are such inspirational colours - thanks putting a sunny smile on my Friday! Keep well - Jo


Boy, these are great. How cool is that?


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