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Thanks for your 'get well' comments. I'm almost completely back in the land of the living. 

I had one high point during the feverish episode of the past days and that was when my package from LuckyScent arrived. I can barely smell my lovely samples due to a blocked nose but Perfect Veil is one that I think could be a new favourite. Another of the samples is described as the perfumer's vision of a flower with leather petals, dark, intoxicating and sublimely sophisticated. I'm impressed by LuckyScent - they shipped promptly and have given me access to a world of bespoke fragrance that I can try in small doses first.

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please sir

How neat - that sounds like a great idea!


this is good to know. thank you for sharing. there is a scent i have been wanting to try without buying a whole bottle. now i know how. thanks!


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