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Can you spot a fake?

I love these bags from Mind what you wear
Much more fun than pretending that you're sporting the real thing.

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A Print A Day

oh i've seen these bags quite some time ago and gosh, they stirred up quite a controversy.

i still want one though ;)

Being Brazen

Ha ha ha - great idea.

quaint handmade

they are great!


I can't, for the life of me, understand why people like Louis Vuitton bags, they are so ugly. Am I missing something? I'm confused...


I think it's because the brand has reached an iconic status of luxury gear. Nothing more "aspirational".


i want one of these! i have always been so annoyed by the way these bags with the repeating logos are supposed to be nice, when everyone knows they are not even visually nice—they just say "i have enough money to buy a bag like this"—and thus the reason the fakes came about, so you could look like you have that kind of money even when you don't. i say, who cares?!?!?!?!

these bags are a slap in the face of all that. i love it!!!


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