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Alphabet bags

Of course I'm a fan of anything type related. I might have used a different font per letter though. Nice bold alphabet bags here.

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I agree. Cool concept though.

Freshly Found

Different fonts are a good idea! Totes make such a statement. These are lovely!


I love the letters on the bags, maybe I can do something similar on my childrens bags!

Lilly Web

Very cute idea, the letters are very no vile

Kelly Fletcher

Yiah! I've been thinking of alphabets so much lately - and how I could incorporate letters into an embroidered design! You read my mind. These are cool. I agree with you on the different font thing, though. Haven't seen you on skype lately... let me know when you're up for a chat. Miss you, my friend.

please sir

These are so fun - I want to wear one each day of the week!

porter hovey

These are just too cute! Love 'em!


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