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Malignant bikini

This bikini appears normal when not in direct sunlight. When exposed to UV light, however, dark moles begin to appear in various places on the bikini.

How about this idea for getting you out of the sun? By Fiona Carswell. Seen on trendhunter.

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mmmm.....not so sure how I feel about this number yet?

Georgia (AKA g-bug)

my hubby just had melanoma removed from his arm so i think he would like this idea (for me—not him).
he is ALWAYS getting on me for spending too much time in the sun. maybe i should be purchasing this one.

it's really cute without the moles.



I'm going to the derm this Thursday to have my moles checked. It always terrifies me to think I could get cancer and not know it. I guess I wouldn't need a swimsuit to tell me that, but I'm sure others do, like the serious tanners, eh?


Georgia: Sorry to hear about your hubby.
Chris: Good luck for your appointment.
We all need reminders to be so careful in the sun - I think the bikini is a genius (if disturbing) way to remind us - I doubt it's would ever go into production but I love when designers think really conceptually about products.


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