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Shoes glorious shoes!

High heel typeface.

I own a lot of lovely heels. But I've become lazy. Lately all I seem to wear are Converse or slip slops.  I still love shoes - and one of my favourite shoe designers is the architect Rem Koolhaas. Yes, architect. Collaborating with Galahad Clark under the brand United Nude. I think the best part is that some of their shoes take inspiration from iconic furniture pieces like the Barcelona chair. A few of their designs are on my wish list. 

Shoe fan? A must visit is the virtualshoemuseum.

Above images from United Nude.

I can blame my recent resurgence of interest in footwear on these two lovely bloggers who have become favourites of mine. They've started a shoe blog: ShoeLove. Do check it out for many beautiful pairs!

Peony in Love by Lisa See is a book that I read recently where the process of foot binding was explained in detail. Although I understand that it was a sign of wealth and prestige and understood to be erotic it's quite horrifying to see such misshapen feet in reality. I'm fascinated by the beauty and pain connection and of course women still suffer for beauty today when it comes to shoes - statistics say we have four times as many foot problems as men. 

Hmm... doesn't seem to curb that shoe lust though!

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Aw, how awesome! Thanks for the shout-out, Kat! Georgia and I are cranking out the shoes over at ShoeLove, so thanks for being a fellow enthusiast.

I love this shoe art, too. How cool is that? And I do own a pair of United Nude sandals, kinda like the pair you show here, except they're silver and pale blue. Very cool. Makes you wonder how they work!

And yes, I'm like you, I have a billion pairs of shoes but have gotten lazy lately. So I've made it a point to try to wear new shoes almost every day at work. Believe it or not, it makes you feel better, you get lots of compliments, and you feel a little more stylish and "with it". Always bring a back up pair, though!

Georgia (AKA g-bug)

awww. thanks!

you should do a guest post on ShoeLove!
please do, if you are interested.

if not, may we post that shoe font picture? it's a hoot!

Freshly Found

I've seen all sorts of alphabets, chair alphabets, etc., but never a shoe one! So clever!


You should post the shoe font, it's great - I can't take you up on the guest blog post at the moment (still no laptop as it's hopefully getting fixed so my posting is too erratic) but thanks!

Chris - I'm jealous of your United Nudes : )


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