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I watched the dvd from this book this morning. Get it. Brilliant.

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Georgia (AKA g-bug)

wow, this looks so interesting. such a diverse list of contributors. i will definitely check it out.



Just the style alone looks so fascinating. Now I'm intrigued...

I was tagged by The City Sage, so I've extended that tag to you. Check out my blog tomorrow and see what it's all about (I'm posting my tag list tomorrow).


This sounds really interesting, thanks for the link! By the way I really enjoy "ditch the pink"

emma ::emmas designblogg::

At first glance I thought the top book picture was a kitchen cabinet, slightly opened. Wouldn't that be a great message to be greeted by each morning when you reach for that first cuppa?


Emma- definitely agree that would be a great message to greet you each day!

Helouise - thanks!

Georgia & Chris - you rock.


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