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Shopping bags

SAY NO to plastic by reusing a sturdy shopper bag. A simple idea that was revived a few years back (just as being 'green' became trendy). 

How good are you are at remembering to take along your reusable bag to the grocery store? I'm not great. I've resolved to change that while I've been doing some research on these bags (we are about to do a design of a shopping bag for the agency where I work). 

While trawling the net I came across the above humorous take on the classic that I wanted to share. Perhaps you know it already but I had a good laugh as I'm sure there are plenty of 'greenwashed' smug twats who drive Hummers but absolutely had to have this bag as it is so trendy and was seen on the arm of many a celebrity...

I designed my own version ages ago but although the design was bought by a company it was never produced. The idea was you needn't take along a shopping list when shopping with this bag. 

Is it enough to only adopt green practices if they are trendy and don't make too much of an impact on your lifestyle? Of course not. But I guess even if someone only buys less plastic or uses less electricity it is better than nothing. Cumulatively this will go someway to making a difference. 

Comments for this entry Maegan

I love it! ..your version. I started a company about a year and a half ago called besmartbegreen(.com) for this same reason. I'm not sure where to go next with it as so many people started doing the same thing but STILL I don't see anyone else in the grocery store using them. It kind of blows my mind.


Thanks Maegan. I checked out your bags site, great. I guess people are just plain lazy (and I include myself) but we really have no choice but to change.

Georgia (AKA g-bug)

sad to say, but i am terrible at remembering to bring my bags. i have bought so many of those fun, chic, green bags from Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Target . . .

i even keep them in my car, but i STILL forget to bring them in. force of habit from years of a bad practice, i guess!

had i been born 100 years ago, it would be natural for me to bring my own sacks for carrying goods.

i have a friend who owns a shop, and she is taking her own bags, repurposing them by sticking her shop label on them in unique and creative ways, and then using those for her customers purchases. it is really neat! you should see some of the creative ways she is doing this! she thought maybe it was too cheezy or to cheap. i told her "NO WAY" and that it was absolutely a smart and responsible and chic idea!!!

anyway, great reminder. thanks!

please sir

I agree - love your picks here!!


Funny you should post about this. I just bought a Trader Joe's bag (I love the design and colors on it). I have a bunch of them from Whole Foods, but I'm like everyone else and I totally dork out on bringing them in the store, even though I keep them in my car! I forget every time. But then I usually get paper bags and recycle them for various purposes, so it's all good in the end.


P.S. Maegan, your bags are fantastic! I love the "plastic shmastic!" and "Pony Up!" bags best :)


Hello from Canada! I truly think your design is incredible. Fun. Graphic. Very cool.


Oh this is great.

These days when I forget to bring my bags i ask for no bag as a form of self-punishment. Clerks think i'm nuts and they might be right.


Thanks for all the comments. I think it's hilarious to ask for no bags as a form of punishment - I've a mental picture of staggering out the grocery store with my arms full of odds and ends...!

Freshly Found

I LOVE your version and so need it to jog my memory when I forget my shopping list at home! Hope it goes into production some time!


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