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Air miles and road miles

Off here for the weekend. Was almost here and here again but my trip was cancelled. I'm actually relieved as it meant travelling alone. Do enjoy whatever you are up to this week end.

View of Arniston Western Cape (or Waenhuiskrans), including fisherman houses on the coastline.

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Freshly Found

Can't say I have ever heard of Douala! Arniston sounds like a really great alternative. Hope you are having lots of fun!

Georgia (AKA g-bug)

hmmm . . . looks beautiful.
why were you going to go to Nairobi? my sister's ex-boyfriend was from there.


Lucky you! Have fun :)


It was a lovely weekend away.

Georgia: I was supposed to be in Nairobi for work (a photo shoot of some celebrities) - one of our clients is Guinness throughout Africa.


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