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La couleur verte.

A friend asked me how I felt about our apartment in Paris - did I feel 'hemmed in' in a small space amidst all the concrete and stone that make up the streets and buildings? Well, you can almost swing a cat in our space and admittedly we feel right on top of our neighbours but we don't feel stifled. We spend most of our time outdoors and there is a surprising amount of green in Paris -  it is summertime after all.

Of course the great green areas of Paris are the beautifully landscaped gardens. But above is some of the green we've spotted in unexpected places during our walks. Amazing overgrown window boxes and carefully cultivated vertical green walls. 

Perhaps cultivating vertical gardens is owing to the fact that in the majority of the cities gardens you aren't to sit, walk on or otherwise touch the manicured lawns!

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Soooo beautiful. In a city, you need to be creative about green space, and this is so pretty.


@Michelle - and the more time I spend here the more I see how well they've planned the city to include 'green'.


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