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Musée de la Monnaie: Willy Ronis exhibition

We went to see an exhibition of photography by Willy Ronis just before it closed. This French photographer died at the age of 99 in September of last year. His photographs have become synonymous with Paris and he is celebrated for his reportage style of shooting "ordinary people with ordinary lives”. 

It was an extraordinary body of work to see - one that inspires you to look through the viewfinder of your own camera differently each time you lift it for a snap shot. 

Images: Le Petit Parisien (1952), Les Amoureux de la Colonne Bastille (1957), Place Vendôme (1947), Lorraine en hiver (1954).

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Freshly Found

Wow! So much has happened since I was last here! Paris - what an incredible place to be.


Hello Denise - yes, I'm afraid this blog has morphed into a travel journal for the meantime!


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