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Merci beaucoup.

Last week we visited 'Merci'. It's a concept store on boulevard Beaumarchais in the East of the Marais. Outfitted in a converted fabric factory it houses a wide range of products - from designer threads to furniture to one euro bits and pieces. All carefully curated and displayed.

The really interesting thing about the store is that 'Merci' gives all it's profits to charity (a foundation that it runs is currently helping children in Madagascar). Certainly retail with a conscience.

We also visited übercool 'Collette' although this time around I wasn't as impressed. And apparently if we really want to discover the best of the Parisian concept stores then we still have 'Spree', 'L'Eclaireur' and 'Hotel Particulieur' to explore. 

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Just love the little


thanks for sharing.

Miss Molly



Welcome to Paris Kat,

Looks like you did a lot of research before coming!
I've never even been to Merci... will go and see it for sure.

Hope you have good stay.



Thanks for the comments.
@Sean - yes, did do my homework - I don't get the chance for too much European travel being from the tip of Africa so when I do I don't want to miss a thing!


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