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Sunday brunch at Le Germain.

Brunch seems to be a big thing in Paris. Numerous restaurants offer their brunch menu until 6pm on a Saturday and Sunday. And said menu includes a selection of hair-of-the-dog refreshments and a myriad of different ways to order the simple oeuf. We did brunch at Germain this Sunday and found ourselves amongst the well-heeled but casually chic of the left bank. A couple of Janice Dickenson look alikes who've obviously overindulged on the collagen and a more than just a scattering of LV bags casually slung over chairs (these were the real thing, baby) completed the picture. 

But the interior stole the show.

A massive bright yellow sculpture of a woman in a coat and heels breaks through from the café floor to the lounge area above. It's by artist Xavier Veihan. Interior architect India Mahdavi.

With spaces like these in which to while away your weekend, it's no wonder brunch is trés popular.

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