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La Terresse.

We've been visiting a lot of churches.  Their age and beauty is quite staggering. In fact, I'm so inspired by these spaces that I've even pulled out my water colours to engage in a little creative project of my own. 

Gallaries Lafayette, on the other hand, is the ultimate church to consumerism. Seven floors bursting with merchandise and an annexe for the 'Homme' and 'Masion' sections. It's shopping deluxe. But the highlight of our visit to this shopping mecca wasn't carrying out bags of goods - I was actually  forcibly extremely restrained. Rather, it was our lunch with a view of Paris. 

The eighth floor has a recently opened restaurant called La Terresse. It has an amazing panoramic view of the rooftops and monuments of the city. Unfortunately when we stopped by for lunch they had had a recent power failure so we could only order a salad (and a glass of champagne) but by the time our lunch ended electricity was back up and a coffee rounded it off nicely. 

Definitely much nicer to store this experience in my memory bank than the pair of shoes I was eyeing in my closet. 

Credit: Top three images used with kind permission from thepariskitchen. Perhaps I drank too much champers as my own snapshots weren't that great! 

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Hi Helouise. We've been so lucky to have a few of those "Sigh" moments! Hope you doing well!


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