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Baked bread = Domestic bliss?

Actually it equals frustration in my case. My baked goods never turn out half as good-looking as that beautifully styled picture in the recipe book : ) I'd blame it on the oven or the dough hook of the KitchenAid or some other tool but I think this recipe is actually ridiculously easy so I have no excuse. I'm ashamed to admit I burnt the first batch of Gingerbread Christmas cookies that I made as well! My new years resolution should be to concentrate more...onwards and upwards I guess.

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Thanks back at you for visiting Cakespy! I burn cookies all the time, I guess my mind is just in the clouds or I am mentally already eating them! Still, this bread looks good to me!

nunu pepe'

I totally feel your pain, I have a secret deesire to be a domestic goddess! The truth is I am so far from that it's soul crushing :) When I make a batch of cookies I can never get them to be crisp, in fact my Finace' who eats everything in the house actually dodges my cookies :( I had a recipie sent me from a caterer maybe give that a try. will email.

janine de waal

Hi there! Thanks for the tag! - Nice way to start the new year - I have published my seven items. Hope you have a fabulous year ahead!


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