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Organising. De-cluttering. Simplifying.

Where to start? With the guest room.

Following my previous 'purge' post, I'm determined to clear out, organise, de-clutter and simplify this year. It will require some change of functions of rooms though: our current second bedroom (guest room) is going to need to become a cleverly planned dual study/guest room. The problem with this idea is of course s p a c e ... we won't fit both home office and the current double bed furniture into the room. And I'm not a great fan of sleeper couches. A beautiful daybed would be great but would only provide sleeping space for one body not two. Alternatively there are those 'bed under a bed' type designs which could be styled quite simply as a daybed when not in use? So that's the dilemma at the moment. And with continuously rising interest rates this decision needs to be made with a small budget in mind. Sigh.

This beautiful, simple Alvar Aalto daybed from bonluxat.

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