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Fabric choices...

I'm looking for fabric for blinds for our kitchen. We were going to do bamboo/wooden blinds but now I'm thinking fabric. The kitchen has touches of red in it, with neutral creamy/taupe walls. (The colours are 'broken white' and 'rice paper'). I found this great site: fabric tales it's an online shop specializing in Japanese fabrics.
It's the English site of their Japanese online shop, Nunogatari....and they ship worldwide.
FIY, nuno is fabric, and gatari means tale.

Which do you like? Perhaps the patterns are too 'busy'? The owl or the rabbit prints are the simplest... not sure...

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I just love the bottom one! They're all beautiful - I don't envy you, having to make a choice....


These are beautiful (the owls, the rabbits and the bottom two particularly… but I couldn't possibly choose a favourite :-). Thanks so much for posting the link to the Nunogatari / Fabric Tales site - wow, there's some breathtaking fabric there!

jakaranda prinses

the bottom one is my favourite! what beautiful fabric. :)


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