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First steps in crochet

I've started to crochet - for the first time in about 20 years (I think I learnt in junior school). Starting with basic things like a scarf. On noticing my endeavours a friend of my mothers passed on this booklet to me. It'll be a great help as it outlines all the basic stiches and a few easy projects. But we had a real laugh at the fashion of the time so I felt it necessary to share some of the images. Poor quality shots, sorry, but quicker than scanning.

So if any of you have been dying to crochet the look of the moment "country" tie, I'll be happy to forward the pattern! And please notice the price - a whole One Rand and 50 cents.

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Freshly Found

Crochet must be in the air! I really have a fascination for the craft and am looking forward to watching your progress!!!


I love those old crochet and knitting pattern books, I've collected quite a few. Co-incidentally, I also decided I wanted to learn crochet. Just before she left to go on holiday 3 weeks a go my step-mom taught me chain stitch, I am so uncordinated, it was harder than I thought, but I'm determined to get the hang of it!


Cool! I Like the idea of bringin' crochet back old-school. I always feel so inspired when I read your blog.


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