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Flavoured vodka...

Ok, so I've made vanilla vodka before - a simple sliced vanilla pod left to infuse in a bottle of vodka - and then stored in the freezer to be brought out at dessert time, splashed over fresh berries or added to cocktails. I've seen chocolate vodka prepared and I've admired (but not been brave enough to taste) chilli vodka. Absolut was a client of one of the agencies for whom I've worked and It wasn't unusual to 'salut' with a tot of vodka before noon if there was a particular reason to celebrate. So I've been exposed to more than a few flavours. But not until today would I have dreamed that someone would infuse bacon, yes, BACON into vodka....! I won't be making or trying it anytime soon but you have to award inventiveness points to mcauliflower. Perhaps you're more experimental than I am - you'll find her recipe at browniepoints.

Discovered on notmartha.

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I Love the packaging on these bottles.. Lovely!


hmmm! my kind of vodka.

Freshly Found

I'm not even sure about the vodka in the first place!!! Oh well - Creatives have all sorts of tastes!

nunu pepe'

Hey there!!You have been busy!!!! Loved catching up on your creative thoughts. I really love the vodka in those bottles, i't looks sooooo illegal .heee hee. Perhaps you should shelve the perfume project and straight into the hard stuff!
PS: Thanks for listing me.


Ha ha, no I think I'll stick to the perfume - the hard tack seems far too much effort for the headache it would induce! Thanks all for your comments.


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